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Humbly Serving with Excellence and Love

Greetings! I am grateful for the opportunity to lead such a dynamic group of women devoted to caring for communities. In 1982, several Black women physicians and students realized they could make a greater impact for good in a united fashion than any one individual might achieve in a lifetime. The Association of Black Women Physicians (ABWP) was formed, and after more than 30 years, the charge of its original mission remains relevant and true.

A Professional and Personal Sisterhood

ABWP empowers women to lead in health and wellness for themselves, their loved ones and the communities we so often see neglected. We also support the enhancement of personal and professional quality of life for present and future women physicians. As a philanthropic organization, we promote the distribution of funds to individuals and projects that improve health and wellness in underserved communities. As physicians and as women, these core values unite and bond us together.

We Positively Impact, Revitalize and Transform Our Communities

Through premiere educational programs and philanthropic outreach, ABWP has over three decades of experience leading the charge to eliminate healthcare disparities. Now more than ever, our organization shoulders this burden of responsibility and rallies together to make a positive impact on the progress we must achieve in today's society. As President, I am the face of an amazing body of women with indomitable spirits and deeply caring souls. Together, we drive ABWP's commitment to transforming the lives of those we love and serve through advocacy, mentorship and philanthropy.

Valencia Walker, MD

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