About Us

About Us

Mission Statement

The Association of Black Women Physicians is an organized network of African-American women physicians committed to the improvement of public health and welfare, through the advancement of knowledge concerning women and the community health. We are a nonprofit organization, serving as a philanthropic source of funds to projects committed to improving the health and wellness concerns of traditionally under-served communities and assisting in eliminating health disparities. We also endeavor to enhance the personal and professional quality of life for present and future African-American women physicians.

Vision Statement

The Association of Black Women Physicians empowers African-American women to lead in health and wellness for ourselves and the community through premiere educational programs and philanthropic outreach.

ABWP began in 1982 when approximately fifty African-American women physicians met to share their experiences and to discuss career development. The women recognized the need for an organized support of African-American women pursuing a profession in medicine. These insightful women formally created ABWP and began this nonprofit organization that continues to positively contribute to society, science, medicine and its members.

ABWP provides an ongoing forum to support the success of African-American women in medicine, science, and public health. It also creates critical opportunities for social networking and mentorship to students and trainees; along with community healthy literacy and public health advocacy. Lastly, the organization annually distributes scholarships to deserving medical students.

List of ABWP Executive Board 2014-2016


Sylvia Gates Carlisle, MD, MBA

President Elect

Cozzette Lyons-Jones, MD, MPH

Vice President

Renee M. Poole, MD, MMM


LaTanya Hines, MD

Recording Secretary

Ebony King, MD,


Roberta Doucet, MD


Sylvia Swilley, MD

Member at Large

Sara Smith, MD

Member at Large

NaNotchka Chumley, DO, MPH

Member at Large

Jennifer Williams Lewis, MD

Immediate Past President

Ana Lopes Johnson, MD

President’s Message

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It’s my honor to serve as your President. I am a family physician, wife and mother. Like me, many of you may feel overextended at work or in life. We may at times, even start to lose some of the youthful optimism that marked the beginning of our individual journeys. Our goal here at the Association of Black Women Physicians is to continue to inspire each of us to remember the reason why we became physicians and chose to be involved in ABWP.

For any student, physician or physician parent in our organization, know that your involvement in ABWP is possible and encouraged. We need your energy and voices advocating on behalf of individuals who can’t for themselves.

Over the next two years, ABWP will refine its medical focus to cardiovascular disease and breast cancer. The hallmark of this direction, will be our new platform: Coming from the Heart. Transforming Communities through Education, Advocacy and Mentorship.

ABWP will continue its work to educate our communities on Cardiovascular disease, the number 1 killer of women and men. I have a personal stake at this since my mother went undiagnosed and untreated with her angina for several months before she was accurately diagnosed and treated. She now exercises regularly and has changed many of her Cape Verdean recipes.

We also will continue to champion Breast Health. As we know, when Black women are diagnosed with breast cancer, it is sometimes advanced or triple negative, the most difficult to treat. ABWP will continue to work with our partners to educate our communities, about risks and screening recommendations. We will participate in advocacy projects that narrow the gap of these health care disparities.

To our students, you are the future of ABWP. We will continue our successful Sister 2 Sister mentorship program and award scholarships to deserving medical students so our country will produce more Black women physicians of excellence.

My commitment to you as incoming President is an undaunted determination to achieve our shared vision and to keep top of mind the personal life stories that are already written and brought us to the profession and ABWP. It is my ardent wish that we continue the evolution of this great organization with youthful optimism for years to come.

Charter Members

  • Augua Andrews, MD
  • Phyllis Barracks, MD
  • Geraldine Branch, MD, MPH
  • Lola Burnett-Brown, MD.
  • Lettie Burgette, MD
  • Michelle Clark, MD
  • Vanessa Castine, MD
  • Dorlesta Crawford, MD*
  • Elizabeth J. Covington, MD
  • Flora Denise Cox, MD
  • Eugenia Davis, MD
  • Joann Dawson, MD
  • Margo Deleaver, MD
  • Paula Demerius, MD*
  • Elea D. English, MD
  • Hughenna Gauntlett, MD*
  • * Deceased
  • Ellen Goudlock, MD
  • Lolita Gonzalez, MD
  • Wendy Green, MD, MBA
  • Terry Hope, MD
  • Josephine Isabel-Jones, MD
  • Adelene James, MD
  • Rose Jenkins, MD*
  • Carole Jordan-Harris, MD, MS*
  • Marguerite Lewie, MD
  • Arike Logan, MD
  • Mary McCoo, MD*
  • Evelyn Mendez, MD
  • Anitha Mitchell, MD
  • Carolyn Mohr, MD
  • Cassandra Ndiforchu, MD, MPH, MBA
  • Debra Nelson, MD
  • Pamela Perry-Hunter, MD
  • Shirley Richards-Njie, MD*
  • Denise Ridley-Davis, MD
  • Vonnie K. Ross, MD
  • Jessie L. Sherrod, MD, MPH
  • Anne Staveren, MD
  • V. Joy Simmons, MD
  • Jacqueline Stiff, MD
  • Sylvia Swilley, MD
  • Mary Taylor, MD
  • Ruth Temple, MD*
  • Gwendolyn Todd-Jones, MD
  • Judith Watson, MD
  • Lillie Mae Williams, MD, MS
  • Rebecca Wills, MD
  • Vivian Woodward, MD
  • Margaret Yarbrough, MD

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